Monday, May 30, 2011


 I am a proud
Indian. Ever since I can remember, I
have been adored and admired as
cute and smart and was quite
famous among the girls. By reading
all these experiences, I also collect
my power to tell you my real story,
which happened with me, when I
was in 12th and getting ready for the
pre-board exams.
Janvi was the sexiest girl in our
batch with 36-24-36, a great fleshy
body, big breasts, black hair, black
eyes and a coke bottle figure which
was really inviting, she filled her
bras out to a very full 36D, wasn ’t
thin but was nowhere near hefty.
Because of her obvious attributes,
she received a whole lot of attention
from the males, and not just from
boys of her own age but also from
the male teachers! She always had
her skirt 3 inches above her knee to
keep the excitement going. We were
very cool with each other and used
to talk over the phone for hrs and
occasionally went for a drive at
night. We had a very happening
friendship. We used to hug each
other, kissing on the checks=85and
all was normal. The weather wasn ’t
that cold in the morning but as the
day progressed it got cooler n chiller.
Her parents had gone for a wedding
and she had freedom till about 1:00
at night. My parents knew abt her
and liked her as in liked her not cos
her physical attributes but behavior.
I picked her up from her house and
went for a drive to Jumbo Point, but
when we were on the way, my
father called up on the cell and asked
me to come back immediately. I
rushed back home. Without saying
anything my parents left for some
They were in a hurry so I didnt

bother much to ask them where they
were going. And more cos of Janvi,
as she was with me. I told her that I
will drop her back and called her dad
to tell what had happened but he
said dont worry I shall pick her while
returning from the wedding. Now
she said ki lets sit your room only. I
could see some mischief in her
eyes.We headed towards my room.
We selected a romantic CD to play
and then we were on the bed lying
down actually making ourselves
very comfortable. As it was cold and
she wasnt wearing much woolen,
she took the quilt over her
meanwhile we were talking. I was
abt to get up to take another quilt
but she stopped me by saying we
can share this. So know we were
really close to each other. And our
legs were touching. To get some
heat and masti going I started
moving my leg over hers and she
didnt say anything. It seemed like
she was enjoying it I was always bad
at dancing but wanted to learn it.
There ’s always a first time! She came
up with the idea come I will teach u
how to dance. I agreed and we were
on the floor. We played some fast
nos. We danced for some time but I
was bad but she was too good. I
couldn ’t keep my eyes any from her
jumping mangoes. I was getting
turned on. To take a break I said I
would get some vodka or bacardi.
We tossed the vokda to our
friendship and then she said lets
have a ball dance.
I said yeah right! We danced and got
closer n closer n closer, as the aroma
was getting hotter, the heat
between us was burning much more
and a stage had come when we
couldnt leave each other. There was
no air between her breast and my
chest. I was enjoying the silky
smooth skin. She gave a very sweet
peck on my cheeks sweetest she had
ever given.I responded back by
given one on each and said see I luv
u more than u do and she gave me
another 4 and said no I luv u more
and this continued for a while till I
kissed her on her lips. She looked
into my eyes and said itna pyar karta
ho!!. And responded back. but this
time it was longer and a more
passionate one. By this time I was
erected completely We took a break
to breathe and gulp down the 3rd
dose of Vodka. She embraced me
with both her arms. Things had
starting becoming hot. There is
something happening with our body
chemistry erotic desire and I could
feel the warmth in her breath. She
kissed me all over my face too
We french kissed our tongues met
and played with each other my
hands were exploring her back over
the tank top. And she responded well
by beginning to explore my back.
We parted and looked straight into
the eyes. I slowly moved my hand
towards her breasts, started to
squeeze them firmly but while I was
pumping her boobs she kept her
eyes closed and started moaning.
Her mangoes were getting hard. I
turned her and now her back rested
on my chest ,by now my 8inch hard
penis was having the touch of her
ass and I was enjoying every bit of
it. I stroked her few times. I played
with her silky hair and started licking
and kissing her neck and very quietly
asked for going ahead and have the
pleasure of making luve with my
luv? And she sweetly nodded. And I
slowly turned her towards me and
took off her top. To my surprise, she
wasn’t wearing any bra which made
me think as if she waiting for this
moment. WHAT A BODY!!!!!! I was
amazed at the beauty of this lady in
front of me. Slowly moved my hand
towards the treasure, moved my
hand over her breasts and started to
squeeze them firmly, sucking and
biting the mangoes. She had her
eyes closed and kept moaning. After
a while she stopped me and bent
down on her knees moved her
hands on my trousers and teasingly
undid the button and pulled the zips
then she pulled it till my knees. She
moved her hand over my boxer and
said nice! and pulled it downand I
completed the formality. She took
the 8 inch hard rod in both her
hands, a current ran through my
body. she started massaging my
crotch. After some massaging she
took it in her mouth. She gave me a
wonderful blowjob.I felt as if I was in
7th heaven with pleasure!.She kept
sucking my cock for about 7 minutes.
I pulled her up and undid her jeans
and touched her black thongs which
were all wet.I also teasingly stripped
off her jeans. She pulled off my shirt
in a hurry and we had another round
of vodka while cherishing each
others body.
Both of us were standin
naked and she was rubbing her cunt
at the same time. I pushed her on
the bed. And split her legs and kissed
all over her sexy legs till I reached
her thighs. As I neared her heaven
hole, she tried to stop by saying it
would be very painful but I assured
her and she allowed me to ahead. I
was too mad with lust at that point
and put my lips on her cunt lips and
kissed them, licked her pussy like a
man desperate for water. Her pussy
was sweet in taste like honey and
too tight. I put my index finger in
her vagina and started stroking it up
and down.
She was moaning loudly
aaaaaaaahh ooooohh aaaaaahh!
Now she wanted to fuck her and she
said lets do it in 69 position. I took
her breast in my mouth. I slowly bit
her nipples and sucked on one while
playing with the other. And in the
mean time my cock entered her
vagina. She screamed in pain
aaaaaaaaaaah! and with a force I
broke her virgin seal and entered
her pussy. She was no more a Virgin!
I started stroking it slowly and
gradually increased my strokes. I did
that for about 15 minutes and loved
every second of it, I felt my balls
exploding gobs of semen that I have
been storing for her breasts. I
jumped on to her vigorously and I
could not stop myself and I released
my shot on her inviting face and her
bare breast. She licked it fast and
liked it. I then finger fucked her
again and made her lick the fingers. I
lay over her as we were tired. Our
naked bodies connected together
with my chest firmly pressing her
naked hard wet mangoes. After
relaxing for 10 mins we had another
round of kissing, breast sucking and
fucking. This time it was much more
enjoyable and less painful.After this
we lay on the bed and then both of
us dressed up and during all that
time we kept on kissing, smooching,
caressing. Now after the boards she
went abroad for further studies. I
still miss her a lot.

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